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With the Windshield Cam, you will never again miss getting video of anything weird, spectacular or a once-in-a-lifetime picture ever again!

Forget trying to grab your digital camera, turn it on and take a picture while you are driving. You will never have enough time.

You never know - the video you capture while travelling on the highway could be worth a fortune!

(Don't forget us if you do capture a million dollar video of something!)

Below are some pictures you would have wanted to capture, because no one would have ever believed you!

This is Why You Need the
Windshield Cam!

Here are a few common accident types that happen every day that show why the Windshield Cam is so important.

1) Windshield Cam (Front Camera) You leave a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you, and suddenly someone cuts in front of you and hits their brakes! Now you rear-end them and get a ticket and fine, points on your driver's license, and an insurance claim.

With the
Windshield Cam Video you can prove right at the scene that it was an "unsafe lane change" by the other driver, not that you were "following too close".

This has prevented many drivers, especially truckers, from getting tickets and fines from rear ending these careless drivers, not to mention insurance claims, lawsuits and possible lawyer fees.

The Front Windshield Cam also can prove what color the traffic light was when you entered the intersection. This is

We have heard from many truckers (some in jail right now) who claim the traffic light was
GREEN when they broadsided a vehicle, but due to witnesses falsely claiming it was RED, the full blame was placed on them.

Now think about this scenario for a minute. In about 5 seconds a crash can change your whole life without you having any control over it! Criminal charges, loss of your drivers' license, loss of your job, huge lawyer expenses, huge fines and probably numerous court appearances,
all because you couldn't prove what happened!

2) Side Cameras (Mounted on Left & Right Mirrors Looking to the Rear) You are driving along the freeway and cars are merging into your lane. Instead of matching the same speed as the freeway traffic, the drivers are entering the freeway at a much slower speed and right into your lane. They might either cut right in front of you when their lane runs out, causing a panic braking application, or they might sometimes even sideswipe you.

Having the
Left and Right Side Cameras on commercial trucks and buses have proved themselves very valuable in these types of cases.

Whose fault it is in sideswipe accidents with vehicles on multi lane freeways, or narrow highways and streets are also
easily proven with the two Side Cameras.

3) Rear Camera (Mount on Tractor, Trailer, Straight Truck, Bus or RV) You are backing up in a parking lot. You are doing everything you possibly can do to backup safely, when a vehicle carelessly drives behind you and there is a collision.

The Video Evidence may prove the other driver was at fault. The
"live" video from the rear camera and 7 inch monitor also makes it much easier to prevent an accident while backing up, preventing an insurance claim and possibly a ticket on your license. Not to mention all the wasted time this will take before it's all over.

Windshield Cam 4 Way Video Security
Protects You & Your Equipment

With the Windshield Cam, all 4 cameras video record everything that happens on all 4 sides of the truck & trailer or bus, driving or parked. It is also a perfect video security system while you are sleeping or out of your vehicle too!

Windshield Cam Video Evidence in case of an accident is the best protection you can have. Video can prove to the police immediately at the scene of an accident that you were not at fault.

This saves you possibly getting a ticket from the police at the incident scene, and then having to waste time and money fighting it later in court. It also helps a great deal in an accident having the police report in your favor.

Video proof can prevent paying high insurance deductibles and lawsuits, not to mention all the wasted time dealing with police, insurance companies, investigators, lawyers and maybe even the court system.

Witnesses can easily see things differently than they actually happened. They hear a crash, turn their head to view what happened, and after that they look at the traffic light. Of course now the light is RED. The witness should have been looking at the traffic light before the crash to accurately claim which vehicle run a RED light!

If you are ever in a bad accident,
you had better have a better strategy than hoping you can find a witness that seen everything the way it actually happened. Most witnesses, if there are any, get out of there as fast as they can so they don't have to waste their time filling out statements etc.

In fact, studies have also proven that
most witnesses often see things much differently than they actually happened.

Witnesses, or a lack of witnesses, have caused
innocent drivers huge fines and lawsuits, and have even sent some drivers to jail! In fact, witnesses have cost some truck drivers and companies everything they own, due to wrongful convictions and the resulting lawsuits.

Windshield Cam Video doesn't lie, therefore it is better than an actual witness if it goes to court.

Don't leave your fate in someone else's hands! This is never a wise business decision.

There is
no other product out there that can potentially save you so much money, time and even prevent criminal charges / jail.

The Windshield Cam provides you by far the most affordable insurance and "peace of mind" you will ever purchase. It is not a toy, gimmick, gadget or an unnecessary accessory.

The 4 Camera Windshield Cam System at only $2,195 is about half the price of a Moose Bumper. But, instead of only saving you a few thousand dollars in damage, it could save you (and the insurance company) hundreds of thousands of dollars, maybe even millions in lawsuits, not to mention your drivers' license, your job and possibly criminal charges.

Whether you are a company driver, owner operator or a trucking company with many trucks, the
low cost of the Windshield Cam is the best money you will ever spend.

The Windshield Cam protects you in so many ways, that
nothing else provides the safety & security it gives you.

Windshield Cam 2010. Copyright. All rights reserved.

Below are actual photos taken from the Windshield Cam


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